You can only send one attachment of up to 5MB with each message.

The PrestoExperts Email service enables you to send attachments to our experts. If you are about to send a new inquiry to a PrestoExperts expert and want to include an attachment, please follow these instructions:

1. Sign in to your PrestoExperts  account by clicking here.

2. Visit the Homepage and select a category and an Expert; or alternatively select an Expert from your Favorites section.

3. Click on the Send Email button, enter your inquiry and click Continue.

4. Go to your Mailbox through the settings wheel.

5. Find the message you just sent the expert and click Continue, and then on Provide More Details. You will now be able to send another message and an attachment. Make sure that the attachment is saved as something like "Mockup.doc". Don't use special characters, or spaces.

6. You can only send one attachment of up to 5MB with each message. To send more attachments, simply repeat step number 4.

Alternatively, wait for the expert to respond to your initial inquiry and then respond to the expert's message. You will be able to include an attachment.

Should you encounter any difficulties sending/receiving attachments via the PrestoExperts platform, we recommend that you use Filedropper. This will allow you to send/receive the attachment without exchanging personal contact information and risking your PrestoExperts account.


When transferring files through the PrestoExperts platform, please note that you may not transfer files that have any blank spaces or special characters in the file name, when saving the file please use only English characters and numbers without any blank spaces.

In addition, please note that each file must be given a unique file name, when resending a file, please do not use the same file name. For example, if you name the original file Mockup.doc, when resending this file, you should call it Mockup2.doc.