PrestoExperts' main categories are organized into clusters. Each cluster is comprised of one or more related main categories and all of their sub-categories.

When selecting a particular category during your initial registration determines the cluster that your expertise belongs to, and will restrict your further selection of categories to the chosen cluster. For this reason, it is very important that you choose the category that BEST describes your field of expertise during initial registration. 

Let's say you are a computer programmer and you choose 'Computers & Programming >> Programming >> Java' as your primary field of expertise. Since the 'Computers & Programming,' 'Education & Tutoring' and 'Arts & Creative Services' categories belong to the same cluster, you will be able to register as an expert in any of the sub-categories of 'Computers & Programming,' 'Education & Tutoring' and "Arts & Creative Services.' Please keep in mind that you will not be able to register as an expert in other, unrelated main categories, such as 'Health & Medicine' or 'Home & Leisure'. In addition, you may not create more than one expert account in the same cluster. 

Below is a list of our clusters: 

Cluster 1:

Business & Finance 
Legal Services 

Cluster 2:

Computers & Programming

Education & Tutoring 
Arts & Creative Services 
Social Media 

Cluster 3:

Health & Medicine 

Professional Counseling
Coaching & Personal Development 

Cluster 4:

Home & Leisure 

Shopping & Style
Fantasy Sports
Other Expertise

Cluster 5 (This cluster has a $50 application fee):

Spirituality & Religion