In order to conduct phone sessions on PrestoExperts you are not required to have PrestoExperts Messenger. With the phone status bar all experts will manage their phone availability within their PrestoExperts account. The phone status bar is displayed on the bottom right hand side on all pages.

To set yourself as "Phone Available" you simply need to click on the arrow on the phone status bar and select the telephone number you wish to receive calls. Once you select the telephone number, the phone status bar will be displayed in blue and will read as available. To deactivate your phone availability all you need to do is click on the same arrow and select the "Not Available" option. Your phone status bar will then change to red and will read as "Not Available".

Please note, by signing out of your PrestoExperts web account, it does not disconnect you from accepting phone sessions. You are required to set your Phone Status Bar to not available to stop calls from coming in.