We’ve already discussed some of the advantages of having a PrestoExperts Friendly URL, but another strong incentive behind the Friendly URL is that you’ll pay zero commission on all live chat sessions and only nine (9) percent commission on all e-mail sessions with customers who come in via this link.

The Friendly URL presents a win/win/win situation – more customers for PrestoExperts, more income for you and more information for those who really need it. The following are a couple of ways you can promote your Friendly URL:

Advertise in the paper. Take out an ad in the classified section of your local or regional newspaper with a short message about your services and your your Friendly URL link.

Create business cards featuring your Friendly URL. Whether you visit a local print shop or find one online, it’s easy to get inexpensive business cards that highlight your specific expertise and include your Friendly URL.

Turn your car into a billboard. From magnets and decals to getting your entire car wrapped, your vehicle can be a rolling billboard that promotes you and your Friendly URL every time you drive.

Talk about it. Mention your Friendly URL when talking to family and friends, and add it to your outgoing voicemail message or e-mail signature. 

Include your Friendly URL everywhere. Add your Friendly URL to any on or offline area where you have your contact information; e.g. your resume, letterhead, fax cover sheets, return address labels, etc. You might even want to consider making t-shirts and buttons with your Friendly URL. Just be creative and the business will follow.