We've created these guidelines to help establish a friendly, fair environment that benefits all of our members — but we can't do it alone! Please keep in mind that your use of LivePerson is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

What to do

  • Be professional and courteous- Always be respectful and polite to your clients and to your fellow experts. When in session, respond promptly and in a professional manner. 

  • Show respect for the community- When discussing LivePerson outside of the community framework, be respectful of the company, its employees and the other members. Remember that negative publicity anywhere on the web reflects poorly on the community as a whole — including the experts — and discourages new clients from becoming paying customers. 

  • Be available- Setting your online status as “Available” for live chat or phone sessions is like hanging an “Open” sign on the door to your office. When you're away from your computer or unable to answer calls, set your status to “Not available”.

  • Be discreet- Any information obtained while communicating with clients on LivePerson should be regarded as confidential and must never be shared with anyone else — including other experts.

  • Be responsible- Remember that your clients trust you. When you give advice, do so with care and stick to what you know. When something is outside your field of expertise, make sure your client is aware of it.

  • Be a “mensch”- A “Mensch” is a decent, responsible person with admirable characteristics. Your clients trust you, so be worthy of their trust. More about “mensch”.

What NOT to do

  • Don't misrepresent yourself- Be truthful in your profile and within sessions. Everything you write in your profile must be accurate and verifiable. That includes your gender, your degrees and qualifications, and the photo you use. It's ok to upload a graphic instead of a personal photo (although it's not recommended – here's why), but if you do choose to use a personal photo, it must be a photo of YOU. The use of stock photos or photos of other people is not allowed. 

  • Don't exchange contact information with clients- Exchanging personal contact information of any type with clients and/or taking business off of the LivePerson platform not only violates our terms of service but also affects your rank. 

  • Don't keep multiple accounts in the same cluster- While you can keep more than one account under two different clusters (e.g. Home & Garden and Spirituality & Religion) you may NOT register in the same cluster under two different screen names.

  • Don't manipulate ratings- LivePerson’s ratings system is set up to reflect the clients' feelings regarding a session and we take any attempt to manipulate it very seriously. By rating yourself or engaging in other ratings manipulation practices, you compromise your integrity as well as that of LivePerson.

  • Don't engage in personal battles with experts or with clients- Yes, LivePerson can be competitive at times, but engaging in arguments and other personal conflicts will only hurt your reputation. If you feel that another user has wronged you, simply ignore them, use the “block” feature or report the incident to us.

  • Don't upload copyrighted content- This applies to photos, the content in your profile and any material exchanged with other users on LivePerson.

  • Don't plagiarize- Never present the work of others as your own. If you are using another source, say clearly what the source is and make sure you are authorized to use it.

Remember, we're all in this together — so let's continue making LivePerson the best place for expert advice on the web! If you ever have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line