Finding clients in your "My Clients" grid in the expert homepage is easy with our search function. Clients are organized on your list by 'Date of last contact', making the clients you most recently communicated with via LIVE or email sessions appear on the top of the list.

Your main 'My Clients' page shows clients you contacted in the last 60 days. Additional filters available are: Favorites, Referrals, Leads, and Everyone. Your Referrals include all the clients you brought into the site using your Friendly URL, profile button or box. You can filter your referrals further and show only the ones granting you reduced commission.

Filter your list by 'Everyone' and choose Show: 'Send Email' button to view all clients who you are able to initiate sessions with.

If you would like to find a specific client, you can enter the client's screen name or member ID number into the search box and hitting enter or clicking the magnifying glass. If you are not certain of the client's screen name, but you do recall the first letter of the screen name, simply enter the letter into the search box and hit enter or click the magnifying glass. All screen names of clients in your list beginning with the letter you specified will appear, enabling you to easily locate the specific client.