You will notice that each message in your ‘mailbox’ has a status. 

1. Offer means that the expert has sent you either an offer to provide services for a certain fee or a request for more information about your question. At this stage you can choose to "Hire the             Expert" (if a fee was set for the session), send a "Message to Expert" or "Withdraw Question".

2. Hired means that you have successfully hired the expert to provide you with your requested service. The expert has been notified to begin providing the requested service yet it has not yet been     completed. 

3. Answer means that the expert who you hired has contacted you for further information or provided part of the requested service.
4. Confirm Invoice means that the expert has sent you an invoice. We ask you to respond to the invoice within eight (8) days. Invoices will be confirmed automatically eight (8) days from the last       exchange of communication. Once an invoice is confirmed, the session fee will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your PrestoExperts account.