You can have a different Email session fee for each of your listings. To change the fee, click on the "Edit" link that is next to the listing you want to update, make the desired changes and click on "Save and Finish".

For Live Chat sessions fee can be changed in any one of your individual listings.

In order to set your per minute fee, log into your PrestoExperts account and click on the PrestoExperts settings wheel  --> "My Profiles" --> under approved listings click the "Edit" button. After scrolling down to the bottom you will have the option to change your per minute fee.

The Expert Messenger also enables you to change your fee for a SPECIFIC session. When you accept a client’s call and the communication center opens up, simply click on the “Modify Fee” button, enter a revised fee for the session, equal to or less than the per minute rate advertised in your listing, and click “OK”. You must do this BEFORE the client clicks the "Hire Expert" button. The new fee will only apply to that particular session and will return to its default value when the session ends.

With the current PrestoExperts phone system, experts will have the same per minute fee for phone and live chat sessions.

Please note that editing the per minute fee on any one of your listings will edit the per minute fee on all of your listings.