Our Expert incentive program rewards you for bringing new paying clients to PrestoExperts. For all live chat sessions conducted with clients that you referred to PrestoExperts, you’ll pay zero commission! Additionally, you’ll pay a significantly reduced commission of just nine (9) percent on all e-mail sessions with clients you referred to the site.

Individuals who come to PrestoExperts exclusively through your "Friendly URL" and then register as PrestoExpert members are considered your referred clients. Learn more about promoting your Friendly URL.

Also, individuals who become PrestoExperts members after clicking the "Profile Button" on your personal web site also are considered your referred clients. Learn more about using the PrestoExperts profile button.

The zero commission will apply to all future live chat sessions conducted with your referred clients (just nine (9) percent commission on e-mail sessions). Keep in mind that bringing clients to PrestoExperts not only increases your earnings, but also boosts your rank on the Expert listings page. Since your position is determined by a range of parameters, including number of new clients and number of returning clients, the more clients you bring, the higher up your profile will appear.

To view your referred clients, simply go to the "My Clients" page under the PrestoExperts account wheel. Filter the list by "Referrals". Your Referrals include all the clients you brought into the site using your Friendly URL, profile button or box. You can filter your referrals further and show only the ones granting you reduced commission.