You can block any client that appears in your My Clients list by clicking on the "Block Client" button beneath the client of your choice.

If a client that you no longer wish to communicate with sends you an email request, you can block this client by choosing the "Decline to Answer" option and clicking on the checkbox beside "Block this Client".

Blocking a client prevents the client from contacting you via LIVE session only. The client may still send you an email request, however, you may always choose the "Decline to Answer" option. Since our block feature is by member ID number, once a client is blocked, they will be unable to contact you under an alternate screen name. In addition, should the client create a second account, the second account will be blocked from contacting you as well.

You may unblock a client at any point from your Blocked Clients list within your My Clients section by clicking the "Blocked Client" link beneath the client of your choice.