PrestoExperts is 100% safe. Please see the following points below:

1. Personal information / privacy

All your personal information is stored on a secure server that is protected by a firewall, so it cannot be stolen by hackers. Therefore, no one except designated PrestoExperts employees can access your personal information. We will NEVER pass or sell any of your information to anyone for any reason.

2. Safety using CC (on the Internet & on LivePerson)

Using your credit card on our website is actually safer than giving it over the phone, at a gas station or a restaurant. This is because the credit card information is transmitted over a secure connection and is encrypted using Secure Sockets layer (SSL), an industry standard protocol for for safeguarding sensitive information. The small yellow lock icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop indicates that the web page you are viewing is secured by SSL. Furthermore, most credit card companies offer total consumer protection so you won't be held liable in an incidence of online fraud.

3. General safety measures that you can take

Although online shopping is generally safe, only give your credit card information to web sites you know and trust. Use a personal firewall to prevent hackers from stealing your credit card information from your computer.

4. Billing information

At PrestoExperts you are in control because our online tools enable you to negotiate the session fee with the expert before you commit. In addition, if for any reason you are unhappy with the fee, you can contest the invoice.  The final fee for each session is clearly indicated in your PrestoExperts History, and there are no additional charges.

5. Expert credibility

At PrestoExperts we have thousands of experts in wildly diverse areas of expertise. Although we make sure that each expert is located in a category that matches his or her expertise, we believe that you, the client, should make the final judgment call. For this reason, we have adopted an expert ranking system that is largely determined by your rating. The classic example is our Featured Experts, who occupy the top positions (or ranks) on a given page and within a particular category. They reached this position because they received more high ratings than other expert at that exact moment. Our experts are constantly striving to improve their ranking by offering you better service.