With the new phone system released by PrestoExperts, we have made it a whole lot easier to speak with your experts. All experts accepting phone sessions will have a phone icon displayed to the right of their experts Brief Description.

In order to begin a phone session, click the phone button which will prompt you to add your phone number. You are welcome to use a land line or cell phone number to conduct phone sessions. If the number has never been added to your PrestoExperts account, you will receive a call to your phone requesting to verify the number. At the same time your phone rings you will receive a pop-up on your screen with a PIN number. Simply enter the PIN number on your phone and you will have successfully completed the verification process.

After completing the steps above you will receive another pop-up message stating that you are being connected to your expert.

Your phone will ring again this time stating that you are being connected to your PrestoExperts expert.