Clients have up to 30 days to rate you following a session. After clients submission, please allow up to 72 hours for ratings to be approved and to appear on your virtual office. 

Please note - Only approved ratings count towards your rating average. 

All ratings appear in the Sessions History section of your My PrestoExperts Menu, but for a rating to become public and to appear in your virtual office, it must be approved by our Quality Assurance Team and must fall under one of the following scenarios: 

1. The hire fee is AT LEAST $10.00 for email sessions and 5 minutes paid time for LiveChat and Phone sessions. 

2. The hire fee of an email session is at least $10.00, the final fee is less than $1.00 or ends in "refuse to pay" and your rating is a 3,2,or 1 star. 

Ratings that do not appear in your virtual office either have not yet been submitted by your client or have not been approved by our Quality Assurance Team. 

Non-approved ratings are not visible on the website, although they do appear in your Sessions History section.