The PrestoExpert's Messenger is unique in that when it opens, there no is actual window which opens on your screen. Rather, in order to operate the PrestoExpert's Messenger you need to use the program's icon which can be found in the taskbar, at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. (If you do not see it, simply press on the button that looks like an arrow pointing to the center of the desktop, it will show additional icons one of which will be the expert messenger's icon.)

When you click on the PrestoExperts Messenger icon you will have the option to log in, change your status and edit your settings.

When you receive a chat message from a client, you will see a pop-up box appear on your screen asking if you wish to accept or decline the call. If you click "Accept" the chat box will open.

Unfortunately at this time our PrestoExperts Messenger does not support Mac operating systems; only Windows operating systems are supported.