The following are the main reasons why your listing/s has/have not been approved. The specific reason may be one or more of these. Any listing rejected for the reasons listed below can be easily corrected by you and re-submitted for our approval.

1. Your screen name needs review.

At PrestoExperts, your clients will come to know you by your Screen Name. Your Screen Name is also the first thing people will see when viewing your listing. It should either be your name or reflect your expertise. For example, a Neurologist's screen name could be Dr. A. Johnson or NeuroDoc. If you have signed-up under different, unrelated categories, make sure your screen name is appropriate for ALL of them. For example, if you are an expert in both education and computers, a suitable screen name would either be your full name, or a name that is related both to both of those categories. 

Your screen name may also be rejected if it implies unethical services such as completing student’s assignments.  Therefore, screen names like “Quick Writer,” “Essay Pro,” or “Best solutions” will not be approved.  PrestoExperts may offer help, assistance, tutoring and mentoring services.  Not solutions.

The screen name must be 3-30 characters long and must not contain special characters (e.g. %#@$~{}^*";!+). It can contain digits, space( ), comma(,), dot(.), underscore(_), hyphen(-) and ampersand(&). For example, ‘jondoe_34’ is valid and ‘**{{jondoe34}}**’ is not.

2.  Your listings are too brief.

Please elaborate more about the service that you provide in the profile.  We suggest that you include at least 3-4 lines in the "My Expert Services" section describing exactly what services your clients can expect from you.  Also, try to include as much professional experience as possible in the "Experience and Qualifications" section.

3.  Your listings contain spelling or grammar mistakes.

Your listing is your business card! Spelling or grammar errors give your listing an unprofessional look and deter customers from contacting you. We recommend creating your listing in a word processor such as 'Word,’ spell-check it, and then copy the text into your profile. 

4. Your 'brief description' needs review. 

People can see your ‘brief description’ and screen name before they enter your listing. It must be specific to the sub-category of each listing you submit and should encourage our members to enter and view your profile. 

5. Irrelevant Information. 

The content of your listing does not match the category you are registering under. Clients come to PrestoExperts in search of professionals. It is very important that you only register in those categories where you have proven expertise. Make sure the description of your expertise is category-specific! That is, if you are listed in more than one category then a separate listing MUST be created for each category. 

6. Your listing was typed in capital letters only.

In general, we discourage the use of all capital letters. It makes the text hard to read and looks unprofessional. When you edit your listing/s make sure the 'Caps Lock' key on your keyboard is not pressed.

7. You have included your contact information in your profile. 

We ask you NOT to post your personal contact information on any of your listings. We offer a safe, reliable platform that enables both experts and customers to communicate in a trusted, SSL-encrypted environment.  As such, including personal contact information in your profile violates our Terms of Use.

8. You have included inappropriate HTML tags. 

The mobile site does not support HTML, therefore, any new listings containing HTML will not be approved.  Please submit your listing in plain text only. 

9. Your profile contains extensive linking to other site/s.

External links must not point to a site that provides a competing service or contact information, and must open in a separate window. 

10. Professional Counseling Qualifications.

PrestoExperts Professional Counseling categories are reserved for licensed and qualified professional counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Please keep in mind that only Experts who meet all of the requirements will be considered as Professional Counseling Experts. All Professional Counseling Experts must have the following credentials:
- At least a Masters level of Education.
- An active and valid professional counseling license.

If you are qualified as a Professional Counseling Expert, please add your degree and license information the Degrees section of your listing. If you are not qualified as a Professional Counseling Expert, you may want to consider submitting profiles to the Coaching & Personal Development, or Spirituality & Religion categories.

11.  Specialty Medicine Qualifications. 

PrestoExperts Specialty Medicine category is for certified medical practitioners, physicians and doctors. Please keep in mind that only Experts who meet all of the requirements will be considered. All Specialty Medicine Experts must have the following credentials:
- Must hold a M.B.B.S, MBChB, M.D, or PhD.
- Must be a certified medical practitioner, physician or doctor

If you are not qualified for Specialty Medicine, you may want to consider submitting profiles in another Health and Medicine category. 

12.  Your expert profile offers a service that is not allowed.

According to our Terms of Use, "Expert will not violate, or aid or abet the violation of, any applicable local, state, national or international law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or ethical code; Expert will not engage in conduct that is harmful, unethical, fraudulent, deceptive or offensive".

All paid advice given and/or paid projects completed, must be limited to: tutoring and/or mentoring students and any proofreading or editing performed solely for purposes of tutoring/mentoring. If for any reason PrestoExperts finds that an Expert is advertising or engaging in unethical, deceptive or fraudulent activity, such as plagiarism, online test-taking, aiding students in cheating, etc., that Expert's account may be subject to suspension, termination, and/or a fine.

13.  Group Listing (We/Team) 

Your listing has been written in plural or from the point of view of a group of people.

The site is intended for individual professionals only and does not allow experts to apply as a group. 
Therefore we ask you to edit your listing so that it reflects your point of view as an individual.

To continue, sign in to your account and go to the "My Profiles" page accessible from the account menu. Click the "Edit" button next to the appropriate profile. After making your changes, press the "Save and Finish" button and your profile will automatically be resubmitted to our Quality Assurance Team. 

14.  Unverified claims 

Your listing contains claims which cannot be verified. We require that all information stated on an expert listing be verifiable.  We therefore ask that you remove or edit any such claims.

In addition, please refrain from making promises that are difficult to keep in your profile.  For example, do not guarantee "Best Grades," A+ or 100% grades. 

15.  3rd person

Your expert listing has been written from the 3rd person point of view. We require that all listings be written from the first person point of view. 
Listings written in the 3rd person (he/she instead of I) may give the impression that they were not written by you. We therefore request that you edit your listing to be written in the first person.

To make changes to any of your expert profiles, login to your PrestoExperts account and click the "My Profiles" section on the settings wheel. Next, click the “Edit” link that's next to the listing that you wish to change.

If you need to delete a listing you can do so by clicking the “Delete” link that's next to the listing that you wish to remove.